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The Ghost Lights | Mysterious Marfa Lights Phenomena | Marfa Texas | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America

Have you heard about the mysterious 'Marfa Lights' of Texas, also known as 'The Ghost Lights'?

There is a legend that states that 'Marfa attracts creative spirits'.

The Marfa lights are unexplained light anomaly phenomena which continue to be the number one reason families from around the globe visit here, ever enchanted by this bizarre and unexplained sky activity.

The colours of these lights randomly change and includes reds, blues and bright white which speedily dart across the skies before veering downwards towards crowds.

Many describe these lights as magical and state they omit a friendly non malevolent energy whilst others disagree stating the lights often come racing down, far too close for comfort, hurtling towards shocked onlookers before dissipating into the air, to the relief of many.

Skeptics will often try to dismiss this phenomena as being nothing but reflections or resultant from atmospheric combinations or surrounding possible sources. However, others disagree as, regardless of atmospherics or surroundings, these lights consistently manifest. For example, when there are no campfires lit, no traffic, the lights will still present themselves.

Could these lights somehow be retaining spirit energy?

We do know that Marfa was established way back in the 1800s, originally as a 'water stop' town and freight headquarters for the San Antonio/Harrisburg rail lines.  Marfa is also known for playing major roles in Texan military history. 

If you are interested in this phenomena, there is an annual Marfa Light Festival which is located on the US Highway 90 near Alpine.

Let us know if you visit and share any thoughts or experiences in our comment section below.

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