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The North Fork Ghosts | Ketchum, Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | IdaHaunts

Canyons, hidden tunnels, trout filled waters and imposing slate ridges all set against a backdrop of cracked shale mountains. North Forks is a truly fascinating location, which many believe to be haunted!

Stunning scenery by day yet once darkness descends here the area adopts a very eery mood. Many seasoned hikers have claimed they witnessed people, moving around like lights, then disappearing near the rivers edge.

One couple who lived in the valley area say they woke to some extremely strange sounds during a camping trip.

As they ventured outside their tents to investigate, about 100 yards down a pathway they saw what they described as 'semi transparent ghostlike horsedrawn wagons'. They say the even heard the horses audibly 'neighing' and their hooves clipping the dusty ground. Then within a few moments, all had vanished. It was almost as if they had stepped back in time !

Locals confirm that the particular path in question was used as a cargo line during the 1800s which would correlate perfectly with what the campers experienced!

Another couple claim they heard screaming and upon turning to see what caused the noise witnessed an apparition of a lady holding a flaming candle in the exact same area!

WILDFLOWER GIRL, a factual book by conservationist Dana Stewart Quinney who grew up here is well worth a read.

Well worth a visit if you are ever around North Forks Idaho.

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