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The Highway Phantom Van | Crater Lake Oregon | Paranormal | Supernatural | Haunting | America

Highway 213 in Oregon is reportedly the site of a very eery haunting. Known as 'The Ghost Van', many have witnessed the apparition of a phantom vehicle which hurtles along at full speed as if out of nowhere and on one occasion local law enforcement were reportedly called out!

However this phenomena does not usually appear in high density traffic but rather only when a few vehicles frequent the roads and is never seen after dark.

People have been reporting these supernatural incidents since back in 1986. The description of the vehicle is usually "a large truck with large tyres and bright yellow headlights and what appears to be human skulls hanging across the front bumper".

One pedestrian stated that the vehicle "moved in total silence covered in an unexplained mist". Others have claimed the entity angrily approached their window, like some sort of supernatural road rage incident.

Many believe its driver to be a demonic entity who sets about frightening people driving on night journeys.

What is noteable is that these sightings are rapidly increasing with time! 

Have you ever travelled this supposedly haunted highway? 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM 


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