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The Playful Children | Lebanon Oregon | Paranormal | Haunting | America

Lebanon City in Oregon is located just east of the Willamette Valley. There is a well known residential property here which is also called the 'Tower House' which is reportedly haunted by the spirits of playful children!

A family who rented the home some years ago claim they witnessed much paranormal phenomena here.

Each night before going to bed they would close all doors, yet upon waking they would discover that every single door within the home had been unexplainably opened. 

The father decided to intentionally wrap a rope restraint around one the closets to ensure it could not be opened. You can only imagine his surprise the next morning when he found the restraint had been removed and was lying placed on the floor.

The Mother claimed that one night as her children slept soundly she heard loud audible footsteps running past her bed. As she looked to the right of the room she witnessed the apparitions of two young children! A little girl and a boy no older than age five.

Could this be a residual haunting of children who had once lived here?

She states the children were mischievously laughing and the little girl was whispering something to the boy. She recalls that even though she recognised the spirits as children 'it did not make the experience any less terrifying!'.

The local community refer to the site as 'the house where the ghost children play'.

These paranormal occurrences became all too much to live with and the family decided to relocate to a new home and did not spend another night at the property.

It comes as no surprise that the house remains unsold today!

Would you live in a haunted home?

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