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The Real Hogwarts Castle | France | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

Situated on a rocky island just outside of Normandy, is Mont Saint Michel Abbey. This place will take your breath away! A literal 'fairytale castle on a hill!'.

This is a once in a lifetime experience like no other. For just 10 Euros you can gain entrance to the magnificent monastery and step back in time and explore the magical secret filled valleys, hidden churches and ancient walls.

With a rich and vibrant history including a famous ghost story. The site was established in the year 708 by St. Aubert. Legend states that in a dream one night, St. Aubert was visited three times by the Archangel Michae who instructed him to build a monastery which he did!. In 966 the site was given to the Benedictine Friars.

In 1434 a giant English army set upon the abbey. Commander Louis d'Estouteville won the battle triumphantly and by the end of the battle it is said the blood of 2000 English men caused the ground to literally 'run red'.

Many believe Louis d'Estoutevilles ghost still haunts the abbey to this day. It is said he is doomed here for eternity because of the blood shed of the 2000 men killed there.

The abbey is built on top of three crypts filled with graves and there are skulls found built into walls. Many have claimed to seeing the spirits of the slaughtered English soldiers still aimlessly wandering the halls.

A stunning location with a fantastic backstory, surely worth a visit if you are ever in France.

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST. COM


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