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The Real Life Annabelle Doll! Connecticut

If youre a fan of The Conjuring movies you will enjoy this article!

We have all heard of the 'Annabelle' doll, famed for her reputation to unsettle and instill fear and the main character in The Conjuring movie.

Many believe that certain dolls can actually become demonically possessed and used as a conduit for evil!

In 1968 a college nursing student made reports of a doll she was gifted acting very strangely ! The doll would move around her home into different rooms and after seeking help the lady was informed that the doll was demonically possessed by an actual entity named Annabelle!

The student, understandably disturbed, frightened and not wishing to care for the doll any longer, donated the doll to a couple (Ed and Lorraine Warren) in Monroe, Connecticut, who own a museum dedicated to research on such things as the occult and possession. 

In this museum many sinister items are on display, albeit under lock and key, lets just say for everyones safety!

Annabelle today sits in a glass viewing box with the words DO NOT TOUCH OR PROVOKE THIS OBJECT AS YOU MANY SUFFER REPERCUSSIONS! 

We arent exactly sure just what it is about dolls that gives us the creepy shivers ? Emotionless faces with all-knowing eyes ? A smile thats anything but innocent?

Its not often a horror movie character really exists! But Annabelle does.

We hope you never cross paths with Annabelle but if you do, we warned you !

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM


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