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Did you know that the fictional horror character Michael Myers might not be so fictional after all! John Carpenter, the movies director states he based the character on an actual person whom he encountered whilst attending Western Kentucky University. 

Johns states his class visited an insane asylum for schizophrenics and mentally ill patients and how he looked into the eyes of a teenage boy with black empty eyes! John said they were 'the devils eyes' and explains that the boys whole demeanor was truly so disturbing and affected him to such an extent that he inspired him made a 2003 documentary about it called 'Halloween: A Cut Above The Rest' which you can view right now on YouTube.

I don't know which is more disturbing? The fact that you can never kill the bogeyman? Or, as John discovered, that real boogeymen walk amongst us every single day.

John Carpenter is pictured below with Jamie Lee Curtis below whilst filming the original movie. You can purchase the stunning visual photography book 'On The Set with John Carpenter' by Kim Gottlieb-Walker.

From all at Boise City Ghost Hunters Happy Halloween!  

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