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The Sluice Box Haunted Shop | Idaho City, Idaho | Historical | Paranormal | IdaHaunts

Named Idahos 'most paranormal shop' The Sluice Box is a bizarre little antique shop, originally opened in mid 70s.

With its quirky haphazard store front it's hard to resist venturing inside.

The owners were Larry and Ruthie Carter. Larry was extremely passionate about travelling and collecting vintage finds from the all over the globe to offer for sale in his shop. Whilst his wife Ruthie was the antiques expert and knew the value of such treasures.

The Carters continuously added to the buildings original structure by adding secret maze rooms and spiral staircases.

Perhaps the most fascinating structural addition was that of a 'rooftop watchtower', which Larry erected in the hopes of attracting lost and weary souls!

Larry also had a fascination with ghosts and the paranormal, so it's no surprise that after his death in 2010 many believe his spirit still haunts the place today!

Visitors claim to hearing distant whispers and a mans authorative voice mumbling amongst the alcoves, whilst others report seeing to a shadow figure walk from the till area to various rooms only to disappear!

The shop was sold in 2014 to new owners but we cant help but believe that Larry may still be the real one in charge!

So whether its trinkets, signs, jewellery or just a little knowledge of the local history you're after, we certainly feel The Sluice Box is one of our more unusual finds and worthy of a visit if ever you are in the area.

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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