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The Spirits of Ashmore Estates, Illinois

In 1916 Ashmore Estates were erected from the original 1857 built Almshouse, or poorhouse for Coles County Farm. Nestled between two cemetaries still lies this eery asylum where thousands of mentally ill and homeless took shelter. Many locals were treated at the psychiatric wards. Also many died here!

Many believe the estate to be actively haunted by multiple spirits and the Estate was made popular when it was aired on various ghosthunter TV shows.

Investigators claim to feeling unexplained cold, sudden nausea and a sense of heavy dark oppression. Some have witnessed dark shadows and light anomalies. One paranormal team picked up unexplained footsteps and voices.

Due to pest infestation, vandal abuse and fund shortages the site was declared derelict in 1911 and finally closed its doors in 1987.

The site is now preserved as a Historic Place of Interest and offers SLEEPOVER EVENTS and accommodation for paranormal teams investigating the estates history.

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM.

* The photograph of the girl is a staged (modelled) photograph taken by Chelsea Gerber whilst investigating at the Estate in 2017*




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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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