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The Suicide Spirits of Pocatello High School | Pocatello, Idaho | Paranormal | IdaHaunts

Pocatello High School is believed to be haunted by multiple active spirits, two of those believed to be of two previous students who made a 'suicide pact'. One went ahead and hung herself from her top floor locker door. Thankfully the other pupil came to her senses and did not go through with the task.

To this very day pupils report that very locker to be haunted or possessed as books literally fly out of it and when locked it violently rattles and shakes! It became such a problem that the school had to remove that whole locker section.

Staff reported smelling the girls lilac floral perfume as it pungeantly permeated the corridors.

Many have reported an apparition looking out of the windows, the music room piano spontaneously plays, unactivated fire alarms ring out and eery disembodied voices heard!

The school even made '6 On Your Side News' when security cameras recorded strange activity including a translucent figure walking in and out of the mens bathroom area.

A previous caretaker says one night he witnessed the ghost of a young boy stood in a doorway who disappeared before his very eyes!

For over 60 years it has been documented that ongoing reports reports are made of a librarian peering from the library window. Could this be the ghost of a previous librarian who hung herself from a chandelier after being stood up on her very own wedding day? 

We are sure you will agree that its no surprise this school made it onto the TOP 10 MOST HAUNTED SCHOOLS OF AMERICA list!

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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