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The Sun Inn, Chipping, Lancashire, 🇬🇧 UK

The Sun Inn in Lancashire UK claims to be the most haunted pub in England. The pub is home to the very tragic tale of Lizzie Dean, a scullery girl who committed suicide up in the pubs attic in 1835 aged just 20.

A man had promised to marry her but on the very day of their wedding he actually took her best friends hand in marriage instead!

Brokenhearted and betrayed as she looked out of the attic window to the very church where her lover was wedding her best friend, she tied a rope around her neck and took her own life, holding a note cursing her lover and their unborn children.

One of the tenants says one evening he witnessed a lady walking upstairs in old fashioned dress and cloggs as shoes, which would actually correspond well as many ladies worked at the local wheat mills and were required to wear cloggs.

Numerous guests have praised the pub for their costume/period dressed staff but there have never been such staff! Much to their surprise.

Glasses has flown from behind the bar and Lizzies lover subsequently had three children all of whom were deaf and unable to speak, I can't help but recall Lizzies curse! 

There are still to this day some beautiful Shire horses kept in stables at the back of the pub. The man who tends to the horses says he has seen a little girl who simply disappears. A paranormal team who investigated say there was a little girl called Bethany who says she likes to watch the man tend to the horses.

There is also the ghost of Dorothy Southworth, The White Lady, another ghost who lived here, she fell in love with a man from the Dahorton line, whom she was not allowed to marry as there had been family feuds between his and her ancestors for many centuries. So they began meeting in secret, sadly her brothers discovered their meeting and killed him with daggers. Dorothy ran off into the woods, her white dress stained in blood.

Many visitors to the area do report seeing a lady in white running across the local streets Some pedestrians actually reported the sightings through fearing for the ladys safety! Could it be Dorothy replaying her escape from the woods? 

If you are ever in Lancashire UK be sure to grab a bite to eat or a beer at The Sun Inn and see if you witness any echoes from the past. 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE. COM

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