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The Tower of London 🇬🇧 | Paranormal | Beyond Idaho | United Kingdom

What do you really know about the Towers of London? 

Mighty fortress. Royal Palace. Infamous prison! 

Situated next to Tower Bridge are the Towers of London. Did u know its the highest guarded, most secure castle in all the United Kingdom! Constructed with not one, but two, solid rings of defence. Used by medieval Monarchs for over 500 years. 

When King William I (the Conqueror) summoned skilled Masonry workers from Normandy and France to build a mighty stone tower at the centre of his fortress in the 1070's, nothing like it had ever been seen before! Londoners looked on in awe! 

Taking twenty years to complete, yet 1000 years later, still she captivates and horrifies all who experience her. 

Not only have the Towers guarded the Crown Jewels, they have also actually protected many a royal family member during times of great warfare and battle.

Once home to reputable institutions such as the Royal Mint and Royal Armouries, these Towers attract more than 3 million visitors every year.

Henry VIII brought his new bride (Anne Boleyn) to live here and they feasted many nights in splendour and luxury. Three years later, Anne would be lead to her own execution from the very same luxurious walls, after being accused of adultery! Many reported apparation sightings of her have been seen as she still roams the corridors in eternal regret. 

During The War of The Roses, in 1471, Henry VI was murdered here, also murdered were the two children (aged just 12 and 10) of his rival, Edward IV, two young princes, whose skeletons were later unearthed in 1674. Many have reported seeing shadow children playing in the courtyards.

Terrifying yet fascinating! 



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