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The Trickster Ghost at Lotus Cafe and Card Room | Portland Oregon | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

Not many venues have been in operation for over 92 years. However, the Lotus Cafe and Card room has!

With art deco style saloon mirrors, metal edged tables, cherrywood bar (details below) and a Classic Soup Specials chalkboard, the placed effortlessly oozed class.

Originally named The Lotus Classic American Bar & Grill and opened in 1924 primarily as a soda bar with the back room being utilised for private events often frequented by shipyard workers, labourers and Government officials. It was rumoured that later in the night many would venture to the upper levels of the building where a secret brothel operated.

During the mid 80s Matt Dillon was a huge fan and regular at the bar. Two televised productions were filmed here 'My Own Private Idaho' by Gus Van Sant and 'Clays Brain Smasher' by Andrew Dice.

The venue took pride in displaying its stunning original, custom made solid 1800 built, 30 foot long cherrywood worktop/bar (see pic below) which was made by the famous Chicago based bar and pool table manufacturer 'Brunswick Balke-Collender  Company' who shipped the bar across two continents to the Lotus Cafe.

A point of fascination for us was to discover that the very first gambling license for Portland was actually issued to the Lotus Cafe with their shaken not stirred cocktails and games of 'gin rummy' being enjoyed into the sunrise hours for many years. However in 1990 gambling sadly became prohibited.

The locals talked, the word spread and the Lotus Bar began to be known for its reputation as a brothel and betting house. Fire regulations were violated resulting in the venue being shut down in 2016, and later demolished, taking with it a huge piece of nostalgic history. 

The venue was believed to be haunted by a spirit who liked to play tricks on staff and guests. Many bartenders would report to things being misplaced or simply disappearing.

Dan Lenzen, previous owner of the Lotus, stated the basement was dark and creepy making him feel extremely uncomfortable and some staff had been severely frightened whilst working there.

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