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The Undeniably Haunted Calumet Inn | Pipestone Minnesota | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Have you ever noticed how people nervously laugh when asked ‘do you believe in ghosts?’.

I wonder why that is? Are they afraid of being judged if they answer ‘yes’?

Is it because its too big a concept to grasp hold of?

Or is it because yes they do but are too afraid to admit it?

And why are so many quick to answer ‘there’s no such thing as ghosts?’.

I would like to hear your thoughts in our comment section below.

I would also like to know if YOU believe in ghosts.

The historic Calumet Inn in Pipestone, Minnesota, was built in 1888 and catered to many guests usually coming in via the local railroads and surrounding industries. In its heyday  it was known as the 'grandest hotel in all of Minnesota'.

This four storey Victorian building suffered two fires in 1944 but lived to tell the tale. The hotel is now owned by Tammy Grubbs who reopened after much modification and is a thriving venue today.

Tammy is all too familiar with the hotel ghosts. Guests have witnessed full spectrum apparitions walking the hallways dressed in 1800s era styled clothes and continually complain that their televisions will spontaneously and erratically switch channels and bathroom faucets will gush on during the night.

There are specific members of staff who refuse to be alone in the building after dark.

The two most actively haunted rooms are 207 and 308.

Room 308 is allegedly haunted by Charlie, a guest who died here on Valentines Night in 1944 during a fire. Lights randomly flicker, strange scratchings sounds come from the walls and loud running footsteps run by guest beds. Many have been shocked to actively see Charlie appear in mirrors.

Room 207 is haunted by an entity who rings front desk staff and likes to cause mischief and confusion. Management now ignore these calls when the room is unoccupied knowing all too well that the calls are paranormal in nature.

British Chef Gordon Ramsey filmed at the hotel and stated he believed the inn was haunted. 

But the most unsettling phenomena would be that of a female spectre who readily approaches the living and makes definitive prolonged eye contact with guests. Folks are not aware that this entity is of spirit, that is until she disappears into thin air before their very eyes.

Then they know.

Are you ready to experience the paranormal in Minnesota?

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