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The Vigil | Movie Release | Paranormal | Entertainment

The Vigil is an American supernatural horror movie which I for one shall be watching! The movie initially premiered at Torontos 2019 Film Festival and has since garnered good momentum and positive review, being released internationally in August 2020. United States release date is scheduled for February 26th.

Set in Brooklyn, this dark tale takes you on the journey of Rakov Ronen who, whilst keeping an overnight watch or 'vigil' over a recently deceased ex member of the Orthodox Jewish community becomes the target of a sinister demonic entity with what ensues being described as 'a night from hell'. The cinematography has been hailed as 'dynamically different' which i truly look forward to!

Rakov is played by actor Dave Davis who had minor parts in The Walking Dead and True Detective.

The movie is tagged as 'supernatural religious horror' and was cleverly filmed exclusively in one singular house location. The movie is the debut presentation work of writer and director Keith Thomas with Blumhouse Productions owning the distribution rights.

Are you brave enough to watch The Vigil?

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