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The Wandering Spirits of Newsome Creek | Elk City Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

'All those who wander are not lost'.

Elk City was brought to my attention by a friend who recently visited. After digging a little deeper it would seem that Elk City is home to some rather active spirits.

First established in the 1800s this was originally a gold mining town. In 1858 gold was discovered in California. The Great Gold Rush was one of the largest known human migrations in history.

In the following decades prospectors explored every corner of the vast American West with many boom towns springing into life. Elk City was one of those towns.

'Placer gold' was first discovered at Newsome Creek in 1861. By 1872 the majority of miners were Chinese workers who had settled here.

Elk City was widely known as a prosperous location due to its large scale mining operations, until World War 2 when work ceased. In 1904 the first accessible entrance road was constructed granting vehicle access into Elk City.

Since that time, Elk Citys tourism industry flourished by way of timber and ranching trades. But there is something else we discovered about this place, it is rumoured to be home to many wandering spirits.

But could it be that these residual spirits are far from lost, but rather actively choose to linger here?

Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts who venture along the creek claim witnessing much paranormal phenomena whilst following the stream. One family reported mysterious light anomalies as if floating just a few feet above the water surface.

Full spectrum apparitions have been reported literally walking straight across this stream, nonchalantly marching with heads down, as if travelling to their next location. 

Could these be the spirits of the miners who helped establish the town during the 1800s?

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