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The Whispering Spirits at Island Of The Dolls | Xochimilco Mexico | Paranormal | Historical | Haunted Islands | BoiCGH

Amidst the Xochimilco canals of Isla de las Munecas in Mexico, originally used by the Aztecs for trading and transportation, lies the 'Island of the Dolls'. 

By day the place is touristy and cheerful with bright gondola festivals and colourful street cuisine. However, once darkness falls things truly are quite different as a terrifyingly sinister mood befalls the town.

It is said that satanic rituals have long taken place at a local pyramid site which drew a myriad of lost souls in.

During the 1950s a local fisherman found the body of a girl floating in the river. He pulled her body, along with her dolly, from the waters. Later he hung the doll up on a wall to dry, many say this action released malevolent entities. 

Over the next few years it became a habit of the man, people believe subsequent to the emotional trauma of finding the little girls body, to collect and distribute similar dolls all over the island, literally thousands of them just hanging there. Even his own abode a doll strewn shack in the woods.

Many paranormal investigators have recorded much disturbance in the shack and surrounding forestlands.

Shadow people are regularly seen, and dolls actually moving and whispering all caught on camera! One lady was horrified when she heard a doll call call 'mama!' as she passed by and another whispered 'help me please!'.

For a small transport fee you may travel the canal by gondola to view the eery doll displays.

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