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The Woman in Black | Wilson Castle | Proctor, Vermont | Paranormal | Historical | USA

This stunning 19th century European style (English brick and marble) castle in Vermont has been home to five generations of the Wilson family and holds much mystery behind its turrets!

Situated in the rich green mountains of Vermont the castle is a much loved monument of true heritage.

The castle is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a woman, dressed all in black, and visitors have reported having captured her on camera!

Some guests describe feeling weak and nauseous whilst touring the castle grounds.

Denise Wilson the current owner of the property states that after her mother passed away she felt someone physically pull at her clothes and a nearby music box began to play!

Denise has a long black dress with a white lace collar hanging in her wardrobe which belonged to her great grandmother and is now a family treasured heirloom. But what really gave us goosebumps was finding out that the apparition captured on the visitors photographs is wearing the exact same dress!

Could this be a family members spirit keeping a close eye on the running of the castle today?

The castle has 32 rooms availble for accommodation and now offers overnight accomodation for paranormal teams!

A real place of intrigue and with 13 fireplaces and 84 stained glass windows we certainly think its worthy of a visit !

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