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Looking for something fun to read to the whole family around the fire this Halloween? Look no further. We have got you covered!

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, we have all experienced things we cannot explain.

You may be sitting quietly at home and notice a dark flitting shadow, a light anomaly, an unexplained voice or just a general feeling of something or someone being there with you.

Today we take a look at some of creepiest goings on in some of the worlds most actively haunted houses.

Carl Beck House in Canada

Carl Beck House is now an AirBnB where you can explore the paranormal at your leisure. Originally this Victorian home was run by Carl Beck a local lumber merchant. Sadly his wife and daughter passed away here and their spirits allegedly haunt the home today.

The Becks have been known to supernaturally lash out in anger at guests today and objects will literally fly across rooms. But don’t worry you will know when the Becks are coming as the room will turn icy cold.

Leap Castle in Ireland

Built in the mid thirteenth century and initially used for battle and Clan ceremonials, Leap Castle was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1932 but lived to tell the tale. There were many battles and and atrocities which took place here during the Irish Civil War. During the early 1900s the remains of thousands of people found in the cellars laying across barbaric spiked tables were found here like a mass execution had taken place.

Ghosts include an entity known as the Red Lady who has been seen running at high speed through hallways bearing a dagger. Also the spirits of children seen crying near the Chapel area. Also sighted is a horrific entity which has an aroma of a rotting corpse, the entity appears as a sheeps head with black empty eyes.

Jazirat Al Hamra in (UAE) The United Arab Emirates

Jazirat al Hamra is a village in the Emirates believed to haunted by thousands of screaming entities. This once pearl fishing harbour town often falls under the control of invisible forces. There was much murder here due to tribal conflict and in 1968 the entire village was abandoned because of war atrocities. Today you will still hear spine chilling cries echoes through the eastern night skies.

The Montecristo Homestead in Australia

This terrifying location has some truly sinister history. The main spectres are said to be the original owners, a caretaker, a stable boy who burned to death in some hay and a young child who was violently knocked from its mothers arms by unknown forces and died on impact to the concrete. These spirits have a story to tell and are ready to interact.

There are also rumours of people being imprisoned here for more that thirty years.

The Sallie House in Kansas

This house is considered so haunted that signing a waiver is required before entry. The home once belonged to a doctor and one day a little girl was admitted with severe abdominal pain. In those days pharmaceutical medicines were scarce so the doctor began his surgical procedure on the little girl, without anaesthesia! Of course the child began to scream in agony and died soon after.

The girls name was Sallie and it is believed her spirit is trapped here to this day. Animals will not enter this property and seem visibly hesitant. There has been poltergeist activity recorded at the house believed to be Sallie herself acting out in frustration due to her early departure from the living realm.

Raynham Hall in England UK

England has many stately homes but none are as haunted as Raynham Hall. This 17th century home is said to have the most compelling evidence of ghosts ever caught on camera. One Christmas during a festive party here, hundreds of guests captured an image of lady ascending the stairs, this ghost is known as the Brown Lady and is said to be the spirit of Lady Dorothy who once lived here.

Dragsholm Slot in Denmark

Originally built way back in 1215 this castle was also used as a defence fortification during battle invasion. Many however were executed and prisoners tortured here and it is said the victims haunt the property today. There are three known entities who actively reside here including Lord Bothwell who was one of Mary Queen of Scots husbands.

Locals report that they steer well clear of the place and even though it is now converted into a luxury hotel, they are still not tempted.

The House Of Death in New York

Built in 1856 this was home to a local Greenwich railroad tycoon family. In 1997 a young girl was mercilessly killed here by her own stepfather. The home today is said to retain an evil aura. Dark shadows, unexplained visions and piercing cries, this home is filled with active phenomena.

Lemp Mansion in Missouri

This Missouri mansion is allegedly haunted by six members of the original Lemp family who lived here during the 1890s.

The Lemps were considered local celebrities of that day due their homemade Lemp Beer businesses. Sadly prohibition ushered in many finance issues and the father committed suicide. After that, other members also followed suit taking their own lives. There was much speculation that these were not suicides but in fact covered up murders.

These suicide ghosts haunt the mansion today. Maybe they are trying to show folks what really took place. The mansion is hailed as Americas most haunted location and can be accessed for exploration today.

Can you add to our list?

Is there a place that you consider to be haunted? Is it your own home or a historic location?

I would love to hear about it.

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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