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Tillamook Lighthouse Ghosts | Cannon Beach, Oregon | Oregon Coast | Paranormal | Historical |

Tillamook Lighthouse built in the early 1800s, grand and nostalgic, stands proudly atop a  magnificent solitude rock, immersed in crashing and turbulent waves.

Let's explain why Tillamook Lighthouse is also known as TERRIBLE TILLY whilst we delve deeper into her history.

Named TERRIBLE TILLY  because weather conditions were so violently harsh here that just by attempting to go here, workers were actually risking their very own lives!

It is no secret that lighthouses often inspire ghost stories but Tilly actually has some substance. 

The locals believe that the lighthouse is extremely haunted and is home to numerous lost spirits.

In years gone by, lighthouse keepers would do rotating shifts which would sometimes last months at a time. 

Many workers reported to hearing voices desperately screaming out through the eery misty nights, with some even seeing clear apparitions of ghost ships approaching the rocks! 

One of the keepers claimed he was terrified when he would frequently feel hands touching his face whilst in his bed. Others have heard loud footsteps seen strange shadows and heard doors being bolted shut, yet clearly no other persons were in the lighthouse apart from the keepers.

Tragedy is etched in the land itself when, back in 1881 a surveyor was sent to check the foundations of the house and he slipped on some moss, falling to his very death there and then!

Another tragedy occurred when a British ship crashed there killing all its onboard crew, further investigation revealed that the  beacon light was not shining that night due to construction yet the Captain had not been informed! How sad that so many souls died that night because of a communicational error.

Ever since that disaster, voices are often heard desperately crying HARD APORT! as if trying to relive the awful night and somehow avoid it's terrible ending.

The lighthouse is no longer used, now standing silent, yet I'm sure you'll agree that sometimes silence can be deadly.

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