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Fireside Halloween Tales plus Real Life Events | Community | Paranormal | Haunted | Fun | BoiCGH | Ghosts

Looking for something more than just spooky Halloween tales? The team at Boise City Ghost Hunters has you covered! Not only will we bring you fireside tales but we bring you..

Real Halloween Horrors !

These are actual events which took place during Halloween!ย 

๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸงŸโ€โ™€๏ธ So get the smores alight and the pizza in the oven! Its going to be a long night!

1. The Trick or Treat Shooter

Over thirty years ago, at Fort Dodge in Iowa, Marvin Brandland and his wife Ethel, a much loved elderly couple, were enjoying Halloween night just the same way as they had done for many years, giving out treats to any children who knocked at their door.

During the middle of the night there was one final knock. Ethel opened it to discover a grown man at the door with a pillowcase over his head, eye holes cut out, demanding the key to their safe. At first she thought it must be a prank. But Ethel grew extremely alarmed as only close family were aware of the safe! Many believe it actually was a relative and it started as a prank.

However, the man pulled out a gun and told the elderly couple to go to their basement. Ethels husband, Marvin had enough! This was no prank. Marvin made a reach for the gun but the hooded intruder grabbed it off him and shot poor Marvin in the neck and then calmly and coldly left the premises. No evidence was ever presented and the killer walked free.

2. David Stones Search for The Beast

David Stone was known to be highly intelligent, a stock market analyst, with a mild and caring manner. One night at a friends party he got into an extremely heated argument. For someone who rarely raises his voice his colleagues say he was acting 'completely out of character'.

A few hours later his truck was found by a farmer parked on highway 80 but David had abandoned his vehicle and set off walking into the open dessert! A few locals say they noticed him seeming vacant and not appropriately dressed for the harsh weather. They asked if he was alright. David responded 'I am looking for the beast'.ย 

David was never seen alive again. His truck was discovered parked a little further up the path near some pyramid structures believed to be frequented by occultists for rituals. His Rolex watch was found on the ground next to some numbers etched into the sand.

Some believe the numbers are linked to the occult, others believe it was a mathematical fibonacci sequence but the mystery was never solved. A note was discovered inside his car which read 'the word is in the safe, six knives in Robs room, buy your tea and take the chances on Halloween'. Four years later some local hikers found Davids body. The autopsy revealed no foul play. Some say he died of exposure. Others say he fell prey to dessert drug smugglers. Others believe something supernatural may have taken place.

3. The Candy Man Killer

In 1974, in Texas, Ronald Clarke O'Bryan took his son and daughter out Trick or Treating. They met other familes and together approached an old empty abandoned house. Later on in the night Ronald showed some treats and stated that the man from the abandoned house had passed them to him.

The children explained that the sweets tasted bitter and not right and his son Timothy became seriously ill and was later taken to hospital and died of poisoning! Many say Ronald himself set the whole horrific course of events up as he was struggling for money and had set up false life insurance claim. What father could actually lace his own childrens treats with cyanide!? He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

Happy Halloween!ย 

Boise City Ghost Hunters take no responsibility for checking under the bed twice!

Photographs sourced at PINTEREST.COM

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