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Warning Witches Curse Content | Read At Your Own Risk | A Condemned Tombstone A Witch And Her Cursed Incantations | Bucks Tomb Bucksport Maine | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Maine, the Pine Tree State, is home to some truly sinister history and Buckport is rumoured to be the States most haunted town.

Bucks Tomb located in Bucksport, Maine, is the tombstone of Colonel Jonathan Buck, founder of Bucksport and honourable war hero of the 1700s. Colonel Buck once made the decision to sentence a local lady, who was believed to be an extremely powerful witch, to death by fire.

As the witch burned she spewed eternal curses and incantations upon the General.

As the flames engulfed the spellcaster, she attempted to run, her leg was seen trying to exit the inferno as she struggled for life.

To this day there is a stain on the Generals tomb, in the shape of the witches leg, as if eternally imprinted there for all to see. The tomb is said to be cursed, the Generals family have tried tirelessly to omit the sinister stain, but to no avail. The Generals family live in continual fear with thoughts that they themselves have been cursed.

Many have reported sighting the witch fully manifest as a full spectrum apparition, her spirit hovers in the trees at night. She monitors onlookers to the gravesides and those who spot her don't stay around for very long.

Her countenance is said to be abhorent, dark, evil and truly disturbing. If you witness her you won't ever forget it. And you can only hope she did not send curses or attachments your way.

Do you believe that witches curses retain real power? Can they effect, and affect, lives?

Well that decision is solely up to you. But for brave amongst us, read on at your own discretion only!

Here is the actual curse uttered by the witch as she succumbed to the flames:


"Jonathan Buck, listen to these words, the last my tongue will utter. It is the spirit of the only true and living God which bids me speak them to you. YOU WILL SOON DIE. Over your grave they will erect a stone that all may know where your bones are crumbling into dust. But listen, upon that stone, the imprint of my feet shall appear. And for all time, long after you and your accursed race have perished from the earth, will the people from far and wide know that you murdered a woman! Remember well Jonathan Buck! Remember well!

What do you think?

Folklore or witchcraft?

Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below and let's get chatting.


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