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Haunted Mansion Wentworth Woodhouse Estate | Yorkshire England | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

If dark corridors, whispers in the dark, opulence and aristoracy are your thing then read on!

Move over Bleneim and Chatsworth Hall! Let us introduce you to the magnificent Wentworth Woodhouse Georgian mansion situated in the sleepy borough of North Yorkshire in England.

The home has been lived in by three of Britains most notable families. The Wentworths, the Watsons and the Fitzwilliams.

When the house was originally erected there were over 1000 employees working here with the property measuring an impressive width of over 600ft, so twice the size of Buckingham Palace,  and accommodates 356 rooms.

This fine aristocratical location was actually inspiration for creation of Jane Austins beloved Mr Darcy, the icon of Pride and Prejudice.

It is believed the stables area is actively haunted as well as the Servants Quarters! Thomas Wentworth, Administrator to King Charles 1st, met his untimely death within these very walls! Much ill fate and rivalry went on here.

Guests often report feeling a sinister presence and some have even witnessed the full body apparition of a robe clad monk whilst others have experienced being grabbed by unseen hands.

Many paranormal teams have recorded much phenomena here from light anomalies to audible EVP (electromagnetic voice phenomena) to dark creepy shadow figures prowling the hallways.

CEO of the home Sarah McLeod states that the home sadly slipped into a state of neglect during the early 20th century. The home was purchased for £8 million to Mr Clifford Newbold and is currently being lovingly and intricately restored.

The area is beautifully green and surrounded with nature trails and heritage shops. Well worth a daytrip if you are ever in Yorkshire.

Please also feel free to view the Wentworth Woodhouse page online for details on their upcoming ghost tours.

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