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What To Do When Children Are Afraid | Community | Resource | Help | BoiCGH

Upon researching the spirit world one thing that seems a common denominator across the board is that often times spirits will gravitate to the aura of children. Maybe it is their innocent transparentness.

Often these experiences with the unknown often will go unnoticed, even by the child itself, due to it being a fleeting movement such as a toy being interacted with or a brief unrecognised voice.

However, there are many children, usually older children, who are affected or upset by something they have seen and recognised as not their 'normal'. It is particularly traumatic if these events have occurred during darkness hours. Many children lack the ability to communicate their fears so we should be watchful.

Here are just a few examples


A mother told one paranormal investigator that her little boy was heard daily shouting "Stop!". Upon questioning the boy he described how another little boy keeps entering his room and it bothers him every day.


One father claims his daughter was terrified of a rocking chair, an inherited family heirloom. One night a camcorder recorded the chair rocking as if an invisible force sat in it. This would explain his childs fear!


One parent told Daily Mail UK how he watched what he believed to be a real ghost interact with with his two year son whilst he slept!

We acknowledge that children are frightened easily. However, if you have a genuine concern that your child may be experiencing something paranormal - PLEASE call our team! We are here to help our community!

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