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Willows Weep the Most Evil House in America | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Indiana | America

Willow Weep House in Cayuga, Indiana, is believed by many to be Americas most evil known home. In 2019 paranormal teams investigated the property, many too afraid to even step inside. There have been multiple gruesome deaths at the the house since it was first built early 19th century.

Former resident Brenda Johnson reported that, despite being warned against purchasing the home, nonetheless she proceeded. However, within weeks she knew that it was a terrible mistake. Brenda claims she was terrorised by angry poltergeist activity and sinister entities. She says whatever is in the house is 'purely evil and out to cause harm'.

Brenda would hear loud angry bangings from underneath the floorboards. She has also been violently scratched. Deaths which have occured here include a man who died in the bath tub years ago and three horrific suicides, one of which was a hanging. The home is built in the shape of an inverted cross which many believe is linked to, or somehow responsible for, its dark paranormal activity.

There are campaigns to raise funds in order to make a movie documenting events at the Willow Weeps house. But we would like to know what you think?

Could this activity be spirits of the dead?

Photographs sourced at


The Haunting of Laura - A True Poltergeist Story

Pictures of House - WILLOWS WEEP MOVIE



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