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Winchester Mystery House | San Jose, California | Haunted | Paranormal | History

The Winchester Mystery House, a 100 year old Victorian era mansion, is one of Americas most loved historical attractions. 

With striking colonial architecture and nostalgia aplenty, this mansion is linked with murder, tragedy and intrigue with a rich history just waiting to be discovered.

Here are some facts we thought you might consider of interest.

Sarah Lockwood Winchester was married to William Wirt Winchester who was the infamous gun magnate. His  family created the Winchester rifle, often referred to as 'the gun that won the West'.

Construction began on the house way back in 1886 and it would seem the number 13 is quite prevalent in regards to the mansions structure, with 13 bathrooms and 13 fireplaces!

Sadly William died from tuberculosis. Sarah, distraught, sought guidance through spiritual mediums, despite firm and concerned warnings from family members.

The mediums informed Sarah that the reason she lost a six week old baby girl was because of Winchester family blood money through the rifle business!

Sarah was told that as a result of these hidden cold blooded murders, ghosts and bad spirits would haunt the mansion looking for revenge.

There was however one way to ease the situation. The medium said she must never stop with construction on the house, or she would surely die and the spirits would become more aggressive.

As a result, Sarah fearfully ensured construction would continue for 38 years! What began as an 8 room farmhouse sprawled into an enormous mansion because she was so terrified of stopping work.

In 1922 Sarah suffered heart failure and died whilst in her slumber.

The mansion today is a true delight to behold with fantastical features such as spiders web windows, shakespeare ledges, giant gates and secret passages, winding stairwells and doors that open onto blank walls!

Even more fascinating are the ballroom wall inscriptions said to be part of an encryption system involving English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon, which if decoded reveal the true and hidden meaning of the mansions secrets. This led many to consider that Sarah may have been a member of the Freemasons.

It has been said the house was designed as a maze, to confuse ghosts!

With guests often hearing voices, and many tour guides reporting to hearing whispers and running footsteps it's no surprise the mansion is hailed as one of the most haunted locations in America.

Why not take advantage of the very reasonably priced tickets for a future date as well as an  online tour which is currently being hosted online! Link below

Winchester Mystery House Online Tour


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