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Woodchester Mansion, Gloucestershire, UK 🇬🇧

Woodchester Mansion, an unfinished gothic mansion, is nestled in a secluded Gloucestershire valley.

Originally home to devout Catholic Sir William Leigh. In the early 1870s craftsmen restoring the house laid down their tools, never to return again, what did they witness? 

Said to be one the most haunted locations in the UK. From sightings of (the Tall Cellar man) to sightings in the ladies bathroom of a floating head!

Some visitors reported being attacked and pushed whilst others have physically collapsed!

In October 2005, the mansion was subject to an overnight investigation. On the second floor corridor they witnessed a strange 'blue light' phenomena which, whilst visible to the naked eye, sadly evaded capture on film. Whether this was electrical or paranormal was never determined.

However they did continue to the mansions chapel and captured what many say is a hooded man (the Tall Cellar Man mentioned above)(pic below, courtesy of BBC. CO. UK) whilst others say it is only a torch light projection, many disagree after many attempts of recreate it but failing.

Head on over to utube and watch GHOSTS OF HAUNTED WINCHESTER MANSION and let us know your thoughts!


Photos sourced at GOOGLE. COM and BBC. CO. UK

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