Investigation Date:   April 10, 2011  


  • Full Bodied Apparition
  • Lights turning on and off
  • Dancing Cowboy

Investigation Findings:  This investigation was exciting for us since it was our first commercial building.  A patron of this local bar contacted us looking for answers of a dancing cowboy that seemed to lurk around.  We had an awesome camera setup in this open floor layout bar.  Every inch was covered.  We had great audio sources as well.  

Throughout the night we made many trips in groups of 2 and 3.  Towards the end of our investigation two of our investigators were sitting in the dining half of the bar.  While sitting in the dark absorbing the room the dishwasher decided to come on all by itself,, as loud as can be.  Both investigators made their way to the bar to check it out.  We are still not sure we can call it paranormal but we were told that the dishwasher had never come on by itself prior to our visit. 

Interesting Facts:  This was our first commercial location…