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Idaho History | Treasure Valley History | Paranormal Idaho | IdaHauntsA look into the history of Boise and it's surrounding areas. As well as stories from around the state.155 Topics · 159 PostsLast post: Haunted Heller Creek Campground | … · 2 years ago · AngelaSubforums: Idaho History | Boise City Ghost Hunters Idaho Historical Society
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Haunted history and happenings around the World and the U.S.A. | Paranormal | Historical | Informational |Historical paranormal information from around the world & the United States of America. As well as links to articles from other groups and sites that we think are pretty great. As well as informational facts about places in the United States of Americia.662 Topics · 662 PostsLast post: Oppression In The Room | The Ghost … · 2 years ago · Angela
Religion and the ParanormalInformation and posts on religion and it's role in the paranormal community. As well as House Blessings and Prayers...17 Topics · 20 PostsLast post: Stigmata And The Italian Saint | P … · 2 years ago · Angela
Haunted Hospitals around the United States | Historical | Paranormal | Haunted AmericaA look into the spirits that have never escaped the hospitals of the United States of America.8 Topics · 8 PostsLast post: A Date With Death At The Manteno P … · 2 years ago · Angela
Tools for Paranormal InvestigationsThe different tools paranormal investigators may use on their investigations.6 Topics · 6 PostsLast post: Decibel Meter | Tool For The Paran … · 2 years ago · BoiCGH-Michael
Haunted U.K. | Historical Stories and InformationHistorical stories from BoiCGH-Angela Jane on the ground in the United Kingdom. First hand stories and information on some amazing properties.73 Topics · 75 PostsLast post: The Dark Spirit Of Dick Turpin Las … · 2 years ago · Angela
UFOs | Extraterrestrial | Atmospheric Phenomena | UfologyLast post
🛸👽 UFOs | Extraterrestrial | E.T. | Atmospheric Phenomena | Ufology | Informational 👽🛸We take a dive into the extraterrestrial... Ufology is the popular study of unidentified flying objects and the idea of life outside of Earth. This is not a main focus for Boise City Ghost Hunters. But we are always happy to offer up some knowledge.6 Topics · 6 PostsLast post: The Worlds Most Compelling UFO Cas … · 2 years ago · Angela
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