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Decibel Meter | Tool For The Paranormal | Informational | Sound | BoiCGH

The Decibel Meter is a not so common tool in a ghost hunters arsenal.  But there are times where it may come in handy.  Clients sometimes hear screams or loud bangs in a home but no one else seems to hear them.  The sound meter gives us a way to possibly visualize those sounds.

We can use a decibel meter in a similar format to the EMF meter and get a base reading of the sound levels in the home.  We can get a reading with no contamination.  And then track a reading with normal conversation.  These readings will give us a base for the area.  During the investigation we can document that information.  And if we see spikes beyond our base readings we can go back and review our audio and video recordings from that specific point in time.  In most cases we will figure out exactly what the spike was from.  In some cases we may be left scratching our heads.  Thus giving us a potential piece of evidence.  Not all decibel meters have logging technology.  In that case you either log spikes manually with someone monitoring.  Or place a video recorder in a position to monitor and record the device for later review...  

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