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The Dark Spirit Of Dick Turpin Lashes Out In Revenge | The Famous Coward | York Castle And Museum | York, United Kingdom | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom | BoiCGH

York Castle Museum located in York, United Kingdom, is a fascinating location, and i am honored to say that today I speak from experience. 

This place is not terrifying, but rather more fascinating and intriguing than anything.

Well, that is is you're not too frightened of the odd unexplained thud or disembodied voice.

Visually stunning, straight out of the history books, heavy wrought iron doors and giant stone archways.

York welcomes you to explore over 400 years of its historical past.

Not just the castle and museum, but the every building on this street is purposely frozen in time, with horsedrawn carriages, period era actors and men dressed in tail suits and bowler hats. The whole experience is a historical delight.

In 1068, only two years after the Battle of Hastings, William the Conqueror marched into York resulting in construction of one of Englands very first castles, York Castle. By the fourteenth century it was in use as prison, housing felons and debtors. 

And, with daily systematic executions, pain and suffering were woven between the very foundations.

Due to overcrowding, many inmates suffocated in cells, thousands of executions administered. There are so many souls held here, the history books lost count. And the proof really is in the pudding as I personally actively encountered chilling disembodied voices from empty rooms, and let me tell you these walls are over 3ft thick, and those rooms were empty.

So who, or what, did I hear?

Did I witness the residual voices of the incarcerated souls once held here?

We all know the famous Dick Turpin, the famous British Highway man.

And we were all told how he was imprisoned for horse theft right?


Whilst at the castle we were informed by reputable staff that Turpin was arrested for far more than just horse theft. He was a callous cold hearted murderer, and suspected rapist, so a coward in every sense of the word. Turpin was imprisoned here after his initial arrest and sentenced for his crimes. 

As they tied the noose around his neck and hoisted him up a ladder, Turpin turned and sneered angrily towards the spectators. Not wanting the crowd to enjoy seeing him do the ‘death dance’ which is what they would call the fast kicking movements victims made as the ladder was kicked away. Turpin forcefully jumped upwards, causing his body weight to pull on the rope and break his own neck, escaping the 'death dance'.

So you see Turpin really was a coward until the very end, visitors aren’t lying. 

Often a deep gutteral growling sound is heard, following by loud banging doors, and many believe it is the angry spirit of Turpin lashing out as he hears visitors today shout ‘Turpin you were a coward to the very end!”

What do you think, could the spirit of Dick Turpin still be seeking revenge at this fascinating UK location?

Either way, I made it home safely ha.

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