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A very happy weekend to all our readers!

They Live In The Grey (2022)

If you enjoyed The Sixth Sense (1999) this movie is for you!

What's real? is it trauma induced imagination or genuinelly paranormal?

And if you think you’ve got it all worked out, nope ha, well maybe. Let me know in the comments if you did!

Whilst investigating a child abuse claim, a social worker discovers that something supernatural is severely affecting a family.

Clare is a CPS worker who exhausts all investigative avenues in search of answers for this unfortunate family.

But then things escalate when the supernatural steps in.

Some creepy imagery and ominous tones throughout.

Great production with some unique stylistic flares and effective music score. 

Covers quite an array of some emotional topics including grief, marital issues, abuse and paranormal experiences.

Ever wondered what it must feel like for a spirit who has recently passed who does not yet realize their fate? Forever sorrowful, searching, lost 'in the grey’.

Or how about the purgatory of a ghost who cannot move on, and has to re live their last moments over and over again.

Can you imagine how that feels? 

Sounds traumatic right?

Get the popcorn on because this paranormal horror needs be your next movie.


Stay Spooky!

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