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Superstition And Crystal Lake Memories | Friday 13th | Community | Seasonal | Discussion | Informational | Fun | BoiCGH

Are you superstitious?

Let me know in the comment section which superstitions you will be looking out for this Friday 13th.

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, as many as 21 million people in the United States are greatly affected by fear of Friday 13th and will go as far as cancelling travel arrangements.

A study in the British Medical Scientific Journal stated that ‘the risk of hospitalisation on Friday 13th escalates by up to 52% with many of those involving road traffic accidents.

Considered unlucky by some, Friday 13th occurs in any month that begins on a Sunday. Many state that the superstition surrounding this date began with the Last Supper of Jesus when thirteen people were present in the room.

Others believe it originated from the extreme tragedy of the Trials of the Knights Templar, which began with Philip IV of France commanding their arrest on Friday 13th October 1307. The reason? Greed. To steal the wealth of the Templars.

Folklore historian, Donald Dossey links the Norse mythology, Vikings and twelve gods having a dinner party in Valhalla. Only twelve were invited but an extra guest showed up. He was Loki, the trickster god, an imposter, the sinister thirteen intruder. Once he showed up it is said the earth went dark.

Friday 13th 1869

Is is not alarming that a much loved author who wrote a novel ‘Friday The Thirteenth’ back in the 1800s, actually died on Friday 13th ? His book tells the story of a Wall Street broker who takes advantage of the superstition in order to initiate panic amidst Wall Street.

Did you know that in Italy it is Friday 17th (not 13th) which is considered superstitious.

Friday 13th January 1939

A deadly fire engulfed Victoria Australia which killed over one hundred people. It was by far the most catastrophic fire ever to be recorded in Australia destroying almost two thousand homes.

Friday 13th October 1972

The Uruguayan rugby team and their associates boarded a flight which crashed in the Andes. They were trapped for seventy two days. Starving, injured, shocked, needing medical assistance, sadly their desperation resorted to cannibalism.

Friday 13th September 1940

Five Nazi bombs strike Buckingham Palace in England. The extremity of the impact completely destroyed the whole Royal Chapel causing complete devastation amidst the monarchy.

Friday 13th March 1964

Bar owner, Susan Kitty Genovese was literally murdered in broad daylight. Susan was brutally stabbed to death, in Queens New York, right outside of her apartment building at Kew Gardens. Reports reveal that there were thirty eight bystanders, not one of them stepped in to help her. Truly horrific.

What does Friday 13th mean to you?

There are many who will claim it all as sheer superstition, however these events are officially recorded historically. Surely not everything can be thrown to coincidence.

Do you have any spooky real life stories?

If so please share them with us in our comment section below and remember, go extra easy today!

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Stay safe and alert!


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