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The Worlds Most Compelling UFO Cases | Ufology | Extraterrestrial | E.T. | Discussion | BoiCGH

Let’s take a look at the worlds most compelling UFO sightings.

The Proctor Windmill Crash Case

During 1896 and 1897 several, cigar shaped, air ships appeared across the United States. On April 19th, 1897, The Dallas Morning News released an article stating that at 6am during April 17th, a mysterious airship had crashed into the property of landowner J. S. Proctor.

The pilot had died on impact and was described as ‘not of this world’. Debris was spread across several acres after colliding with Proctors farmstead windmill. The pilot was laid to rest at the local Aurora Cemetery.

J. Williams, a United States Signal Service Operator from nearby Fort Worth, examined the body of the pilot and referred to it as a ‘martian’. Williams, also an astronomer, became the very first United States Government official to ever observe an extraterrestrial and make official reports of his findings to the Government.

Williams told that handwritten papers were discovered on the body of the pilot, but they were written in a coded Egyptian hieroglyphic text. Those papers were handed to the American Government never to be viewed by the public eye again.

The Queens Zoo Incident 

In 1987 there were two consecutive nights reporting UFO sightings at the Queens Zoo in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park, New York. Green and white orbs of light were seen floating mid air and caused the zoo animals to become unsettled. The lights morphed into various shapes. Police were called and the zookeeper locked the property as usual.

The next day, the caretaker opened the zoo and, horrifically, discovered all of the animals had been mutilated and killed. The staff stated that ‘all of the animals looked as if they had been given surgical autopsies yet there was very little blood present’. The dead animals were removed and explained away by the press as being ‘the act of vandals’.

However, zoo employees pointed out that vandals would have made noise whilst breaking into the animal pens and killing the animals. No signs of break in were present. No alarms were activated, the zookeeper heard no commotion.

Staff grew concerned that the same thing may happen again and that the claims of vandalism were ridiculous stating ‘Something else visited our zoo that night, and it was not vandals’.

The Jackie Gleason Case

Jackie Gleason will always be remembered as one of Americas greatest comedy talents. Gleason was born in Brooklyn New York and everything he did was done with great passion and enthusiasm.

This passion also extended into his personal life. He was fascinated with astrology, the paranormal and the unexplained. Over the years he assembled what many class as the worlds greatest Parapsychological Library, which is held at the University of Miami Library today.

One night, Gleason had agreed to chat with a paranormal/ufo journalist and enthusiast after one of his shows. They met up at The Jolly Roger Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Gleason greeted the journalist and began questioning him about his UFO and paranormal interest.

At this time there had been many military officers stepping forward telling of how they had been told to cover up any information on UFO crashes.

Gleason shared that he was good friends with President Nixon and, how one night at a formal White House dinner, he had asked President Nixon what his thoughts were on UFOs and aliens. 

The questions put forward by Gleason, to the President, were:

Were UFOs real?

Are they alien spacecraft?

President Nixon told him to meet him at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, some time over the next few days, and that he would arrange to have him shown some things which might help answer his questions.

As Gleason entered the Base, he was taken to a large dark colored bunker type storage building. Once inside he was passed through several layers of high security by silent staff who showed no emotion.

He said there was a strange debris on the floor which he was informed ‘this material is from Roswell’. The officers inside allowed Gleason to handle the material which he described as ‘light and flexible and almost weightless’.

He viewed a large piece, of a broken disc, just levitating a few feet from the floor.

He was told ‘do not touch it’.

He was escorted to another room and astonished to see three glass containers holding three bodies. He was told ‘these were the three occupants found at the site of the floating disc you just saw’.

He described three beings with large oval eyes and gray skin. They were about 4 to 5ft tall. One was badly damaged but two were in good condition. He asked ‘are they males?’ and was told ‘your guess is as good as ours’.

What do our readers think?

Are aliens real? 

Let's chat about it in the comment section below.

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