Mediums and Hunters

Investigation Date:   March 18, 2011  


  • Full Bodied Apparition
  • Uncomfortable feelings
  • Nausea

Investigation Findings:  Let me start by saying this place was awesome!  It was a great place to investigate.  It was built in 1903 and had a lot of history to take into consideration.  Right out of the gate we had some interesting scratching noises on the outside wall of central command.  And during our first sweep of the night we captured an unexplained bang.  We have since verified that the sound is not familiar to the residence.  We also had everyone on our team accounted for at that moment.  We investigated for many hours.  Throughout the night we a few BoiCGH members did have some personal experiences.  But when all was said and done the only evidence that stood out was the unexplained bang.  

This was also the first investigation Boise City Ghost Hunters had ever worked with a team of mediums.  It was interesting to see their approach.  They seemed to come up with some extra history on the location.  We have yet to find evidence to back their stories though…  We appreciated the opportunity to have a joint investigation.  

Boise City Ghost Hunters has been asked to go back and investigate this location for a full night.  This will give us a great opportunity to try and debunk the loud bang as well as possibly gather more evidence. 

Interesting Facts:

  • This was the first case where Boise City Ghost Hunters was invited to help by another local group.  The other group is a group of mediums.  Which was also a first for our team.  Boise City Ghost Hunters always relies on scientific proof and documented evidence of a haunting.  We would never solely rely on a psychic/mediums word.  This case will be very interesting to say the least.

Historical Facts:  Coming Soon!

Please note:  BoiC.G.H. are not claiming the following Audio/Video clips as paranormal evidence.  Most are simply unexplained.  We put them up for folks to explore and draw their own conclusions.  As well as to share some of our findings.