The Boy Next Door

Investigation Date:   February 03, 2012 


  • Missing Objects
  • Possible haunting from a next door spirit
  • Client has witnessed apparition of girl in white with red eyes
  • Most of the family has witnessed apparition

Investigation Findings:  After a night of investigating this house we concluded that this property was not haunted.  We had no evidence to prove otherwise.  We didn’t pick up a single audible or visual sign of activity.  We also maintained a base EMF  reading all night long.  There were no personal experiences from any of us on the team.

Along with the scientific findings we broke down each scenario the client had claimed.  We found that a combination of street lights (cars) and mirrors played a large role in what the client was experiencing.  We also made some suggestions to eliminate certain items from pathways.  As well as close some doors around the house that could play with your mind in a sleepy state.  

Interesting Facts:

  • We do not know the circumstances of the unfortunate death next door.  But our historian did find out that there were two deaths around the property.  A drowning in the canal, a child of one of the land developers.  As well as a farming accident involving a teen to mid twenties farm hand.