Investigation Date: January 09, 2021


  • There are two potential entities
  • One is said to be mischievous and not out to harm
  • The other seems to be more of a lurker
  • They hear footsteps, crying, and knocking
  • There have been things thrown
  • They have seen unexplained things on their security cameras

Investigation Findings:

After many hours of investigating this location put us to the test. We were up against machine sounds all night long. Making it almost impossible to narrow in on any potential paranormal sounds. We tried to really hammer down the sounds of high heels walking through the corridor. And even with a voice recorder in the bathroom where crying is frequently heard. Despite being the quietest room in the building. We came up empty.

After reviewing all of the video and audio we were unable to find any trace of the experiences mentioned. We hope to have a chance at this venue again. Hopefully with a suggested log of experiences. And perhaps with a little less background noise. Overall, as usual, we appreciated the opportunity and experience.