Emily House

Investigation Date:   February 05, 2010


  • Scratching and Thumping sounds in bedroom above Living Room (teenage daughters room)
  • Unexplained problems that followed oldest daughter (teenager)
  • Various Cold Spots throughout the house
  • Dog barking at what appeared to be nothing.  (considered strange behavior for their dog)
  • Some shadow figures were witnessed during both Morning and Night
  • Family Member had experienced Number Sequences (Angel Numbers)
  • “Creepy closet” the closet in the youngest child’s room left an impression on everyone in the house.  No one was comfortable going in and out of the room, let alone the closet.       

Investigation Findings:        

During the investigation we concentrated heavily on the teenage daughters room.  Being that most of the loud sounds had come from there.  Unfortunately we were unable to catch any paranormal activity on video and/or through audio recording.  We also spent a decent amount of time in and around the “creepy closet”.   At one point two investigators closed themselves inside, but nothing came about.  We did notice a bit of a draft.  So we opened the attic hatch which was located in the closet to find poor insulation around the area.  We did have some significant temperature changes in the bedroom where the closet was located.  But reached the conclusion they were in part due to the insulation problem in the ceiling as well as consistency of the digital thermometer itself.  Proving that we cannot always rely on one specific piece of equipment at one time.  Unfortunately despite all the claims from the clients, we found no evidence to deem the house haunted.