Lori P.

Boise City Ghost Hunters | Paranormal Investigators | Idaho

Investigator, Trainer, Analysis

I want to help others with their Paranormal experiences because I have lived through it, I know it exists and I understand how terrifying and confusing it can be.  I grew up with a spirit in our home. Our kitchen would be re-arranged, blankets and towels thrown on the floor from the linen closet.  It doesn’t happen to “bad” people. I grew up in a strong Baptist home, very strong.

We believe it was the lady who built the home because my mom saw her stroking my sister’s hair when she came home from the hospital. My sister called her by name and said that she was ok, and not to worry. My sister was 14 years old at the time.

My mom was curious so she pulled the original deed on the home, the name my sister was calling was the same name on the deed. There is NO way she could have known that unless she really was talking to her.

Not all spirits are bad, they are just lost. They are here for a reason, whether its closure or they just aren’t ready to go.

I encourage people to talk about their experiences, some people may scoff and tell them they are crazy, but it is just because they haven’t had the experience themselves. Don’t let that hold you back on finding answers for you and your family.