Missy House

Investigation Date: February 26, 2021


  • Apparition in a mirror
  • Laughing
  • Doors opening on their own
  • Cabinet door handles rattling
  • A black mist
  • Pictures and hats being thrown from the wall

Investigation Findings:

Overall the recorders and video were very quiet.  We had no personal experiences.  We feel the hats falling seem to be due to being hung on pins that are too small.  The picture had fallen off the wall while we were setting up. Which gave us a great opportunity to try and debunk. After examining the frame we explained that it was barely hanging on. So we adjusted the frame bracket.  After that adjustment the picture never moved again that night. The black mist seemed to be shadow play from lighting in the room.
The night went smooth.  We didn’t have any spikes.  The home did not have any EMF readings aside from the microwave.  Which is normal.  We determined that the handles rattling and the back door opening were likely the household cats.  Since we saw the cat clawing around the back door numerous times throughout the night.  
We did not have any EVPs. The only claims we were not able to figure out were the dishwasher opening on it’s own.  And the girl laughing in the bathroom.  The toilet made small noises occasionally.  We are not saying that is the laugh the client was hearing.  But it may be a contributing noise. The mirror was thoroughly cleaned prior to the investigation by our team. The handprints never reappeared the night of the investigation.

 Interesting Facts: A family member recently passed away in the residence. We hope the family can rest assured that they appear to have moved on. And do not seem to be the primary cause of their experiences.

Client Testimonial:

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