BoiC.G.H. Fact Check

  • BoiC.G.H. consists of engineers, retired military, carpenters, technicians, security guards, and many other commendable positions
  • It our 11+ years of service we have never changed our name or ownership
  • BoiC.G.H. holds all of it’s members to the highest of standards with background checks and random drug tests.  You can read about our individual members HERE.
  • BoiC.G.H. does not charge annual membership fees
  • BoiC.G.H. takes great care to make sure your privacy and property are protected
  • BoiC.G.H. will never charge for an investigation and/or pay to investigate any location
  • BoiC.G.H. will not investigate cemeteries out of respect for those at rest. 
  • BoiC.G.H. reviews every bit of our investigations recordings in real time
  • BoiC.G.H. has done interviews with Boise Radio, Eagle Magazine, and provided presentations to local libraries.  
  • BoiC.G.H. has stayed consistent with it’s standards as to not be swayed from our number one goal of helping our community
  • BoiC.G.H. has been away for a while. But is making a strong come back to help our community.
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