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A Trick Of The Mind Or The Supernatural? | Unexplained Phenomena At The Glick Orr House | Atchinson, Kansas | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Have you ever experienced something you could not explain?

The Glick Orr House in Atchinson, Kansas, was built in 1913 by George and Lizzie Glick.

After their deaths the property was passed to their daughter Jennifer.

Ever since that time staff have reported windows and doors violently opening and shutting and extreme cold spots even on hotter days.

Full spectrum apparitions, believed to be George and Lizzie themselves, have been sighted roaming the home, quietly walking from room to room, seemingly keeping watch over the place for all eternity.

Large objects have been seen moving unaided and fascinating light anomalies are caught on camera and are sometimes also visible to the naked eye.

One family described how a chair suddenly became indented as if someone, or something sat down, moments later they heard creepy footsteps as if someone was leaving the room.

They were the only people in the room at that time.

How would you explain such unexplainable occurrences?

A trick of the mind?

Or is the supernatural at work here?

If you have ever witnessed an object move unaided?

Because if you have i would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Let’s chat.

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