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Haunted Blennerhassett Island | Ohio | United States | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

The island of Blennerhassett, not far from Parkersburg in Ohio, is steeped in amazing history with lots having occurred here including being reportedly haunted by ghosts of the past!

In 1798 Margaret (pictured below) and Harman Blennerhassett erected their substantially sized mansion here hoping to live a pleasant life. However things would not run so smoothly for the family.

The couple suffered the loss of a daughter whose body they buried on the property grounds. Not long after this their business and economic situation failed also.

Mr Blennerhassatt was accused of treason and sent to Virginia Penitentiary. The mansion of course was sadly left to disarray and later destroyed.

Many visitors to the island claim to witnessing the apparition of a lady in a long white frock who appears either lost or searching for something.

Could this be Margaret still searching for the body of her beloved baby girl? It is said that the little girls remains were moved or lost during demolition.

A stunning reconstruction of the mansion was built and can be visited today! (see pic below).

Why not check their website out. 

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