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Residual Blasts and Intelligent Haunts at Idaho State Penitentiary | Boise Idaho | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | IdaHaunts | BoiCGH

A magnificently sized location with a very rich history. We will also endeavour to share some insight on the types of hauntings discussed below. Please let me know if you would like to discuss any aspects further.

I was fortunate enough to speak with a personal friend whose father worked here many years ago. A richly historical landmark with an astonishingly haunting history. Let's take a look. 

Surrounded by an impenetrable 17ft perimeter wall, the sandstone used was quarried by the convicts themselves. Idaho State Penitentiary is hailed as Idahos most historical and actively haunted location.

Used as a prison from the mid 1800s and receiving no less than an astounding 13,000 inmates, this grand building served Boise for over 100 years.

There was an on site hospital, barber shop and even a chapel where inmates could go for solitude and prayer. The area now known as The Rose Garden was not always so serene and initially used as a prisoners execution quarters.

The prison fell victim to a series of devastating riots during 1952 causing horrific fires, sadly the chapel was destroyed. As a result, the primary offenders were moved to Idaho Correctional Facility and the Penitentiary closed its doors for the final time in 1973.

In Cell House 4 some inmates penned words and carved pictures on their walls which are still visible today. Cell House 5 is probably the most sinister area which was the Maximum Security block reserved for the most dangerous offenders. Also the Death Row section, where you can still view the sinister built-in gallows.

There have been countless reports from visitors including eery whispers, violent shouting, running footsteps and doors violently slamming shut unaided. Many feel suddenly and unexplainably unwell such as an onset of headaches or nausea.

Many visitors claim they have unaccounted for 'people' on their photographs. Could it be that they have captured actual apparitions on camera?

Most of the paranormal activity here is known to be 'residual' in nature, like echoes of the past repeating over and over like a record. Residual hauntings are likely to occur where trauma has taken place so it would certainly coincide with this location.

Although residual, these hauntings are synonymous for 'blasting' their immediate atmosphere with energy, often resulting in electrical interference such as malfunction/battery drainage. Residual haunts are NOT personal. We are all beings on a quantum level, however, these types of spirits stay within their own aura and cannot actively target you, interact with you or cause you harm.

They simply replay events, effecting energy levels as they do and are often described as 'the spectres/watchers of living being'. These entities are harmless by nature.

However, some staff claim that they have witnessed 'intelligent' hauntings here also. Now this a whole new ball game. Intelligent hauntings are real, present, spirits which can readily interact with their surroundings. When humans die, our soul (many refer to this as energy or aura) continues on in the atmosphere. 

This aura/soul retains information from its lifetime. So if this energy can recall such information, surely then it can reach out and sometimes communicate. This is exactly what happens when people report to 'seeing a ghost'. They have witnessed the energy or aura of spirit (apparition/manifestation). This type of haunting may choose to interact by way of touching and this is when folks claim they were stroked on the arm, pushed on the back etc.

As long as the hauntings are residual OR intelligent, you have nothing to worry about. The only time for concern is when 'demonic' activity is suspected. I can explain more about this to anyone who would like to know more and will be doing a write up solely on this (no pun intended). Please drop me a request in the comment section below if you would like to know more about the most dangerous types of hauntings.

When we consider that Idahos very own 'Jack the Ripper' was executed here, Raymond Snowden who was convicted for the murder of Cora Dean, it comes as no surprise that people often describe being pushed / shoved. 

There are written recollections of several inmates all held at The Idaho State Historical Society which are available for research purposes if anyone is interested in looking into the subject matter more.

Also if you would like to read our article covering the murder of Cora Dean and a now allegedly haunted Boise Barbershop please follow the links below.

Dare you enter Idahos Penitentiary gates? 

*All properties require prior authorization and permission to investigate.  Boise City Ghost Hunters DOES NOT investigate cemeteries.*

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