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Idaho State Penitentiary | Boise, Idaho | Paranormal | History | IdaHaunts

Surrounded by an impenetrable 17ft perimeter wall, the sandstone used was quarried by the convicts themselves!

Idaho State Penitentiary is hailed as Idahos most historical and iconic haunted location!

Used as prison from the mid 1800s and receiving no less than an astounding 13,000 inmates, this grand building served Boise for over 100 years.

There was an on site hospital, barber shop and even a chapel where inmates could go and pray.

There area now known as The Rose Garden was actually not always a place of solitude but where many prisoners where executed by hanging.

The prison fell victim to a series of devastating riots during 1952 causing horrific fires, sadly the chapel was destroyed.

As a result, the instigating culprits were moved to Idaho Correctional Facility and the Penitentiary closed its doors for the final time in 1973.

In Cell House 4 some inmates drew words and pictures on their walls which can still be viewed today.

Cell House 5 is probably the most sinister area which was the Maximum Security block reserved for the most dangerous offenders and Death Row section, where you can still view the built-in gallows!

There have been countless reports from visitors to the Penitentiary, eery whispers, violent shouting, footsteps, doors slamming shut.

It's a substantially sized location with a very rich history. A friend of mine says her father worked there many years ago and it is certainly a very spooky place with a tangible sinister atmosphere!

There are written recollections of several inmates all held at The Idaho State Historical Society which are available for research purposes if anyone is interested in looking into the subject matter more.

Dare you enter its gates and step inside? 

Photographs sourced at GOOGLE.COM

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