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The Baker Hotel & Spa in Mineral Wells, Texas, first opened its doors back in 1929 and was erected for the sole purpose of bringing in revenue through tourism, and enjoyed a substantial business boom during World War II as Fort Walters was only a stones throw away.

It had been discovered that the towns mineral water wells seemingly had healing properties, so many sick and injured travellers would stop here and take advantage of the natural well waters which were used to remedy an array of medicinal ailments.

The venue was renovated in 2010 and operated until 2018.

However, structural conditions gradually deteriorated and the hotel was placed on the National Register Of Historical Places in 2018.

Hauntings began early in the hotels history.

If the possibility of experiencing the paranormal frightens you, don’t come here as activity levels are said to be ‘extreme’.

There are as many as forty nine entities known to linger here. Many have described the venue as ‘the stuff of nightmares’.

Previous staff members described finding themselves literally face to face with the ghost of a little boy in his wheelchair.

One spirit believed roam the hallways here is that of the mistress of Theodore Baker, hotel founder.

She committed suicide here and many have sighted her by way of full spectrum apparition. This mistress spectre is described as a visually stunning young woman, wearing a white dress, in varying stages of her decay.

Theodore Baker had a suite on the tenth floor and that very suite is today one of the most paranormally active areas.

Past guests have described hearing full blown disembodied voices as if a business meeting is taking place behind doors.

Also encountered here is the potent aroma of chocolate which is rumored to be linked to the death of a maid who was killed in the food pantry?

This maid was having a secret love affair with the cooks husband.

The cook discovered the affair and killed the maid in the pantry.

Some have claimed they have seen blood dripping down the kitchen walls, like a supernatural kill room.

Unnaturally high EMF (electromagnetic field) readings and the phantom sounds of high heels clicking through the lobby have also been encountered here.

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