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Surrounded By Evil At The Stamp River Provincial Park | Port Albany | Vancouver Island, British Columbia | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | America | BoiCGH

Just North West of Port Albany, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, lies the Stamp River Provincial Park which, once darkness falls, plays host to chilling ghostly manifestations and sinister presences.

The park land was originally home to the first nations of the Nucha Newell tribal council.

In 1860 Captain Stamp, a prominent English mariner and sawmill pioneer, constructed a saw mill here.

In 1927 the Stamp River fishing bridge was erected, the river teamed with salmon.

In December 1940 the park was officially established in order to protect the areas abundance of wildlife.

Over the years, visitors have reported a whole array of creepy and unexplained phenomena including chilling disembodied voices and personal possessions disappearing only to mysteriously reappear further along hiking trails.

Hikers have told of feeling overcome with fear and a sensation of ‘being surrounded by something evil’.

Those who have braved walking along the Stamp River have described witnessing ‘terrifying supernatural activity’ such as sudden phantom footsteps, as if running at them, heard from empty forest pathways.

Also encountered are ghostly light anomalies which appear to dance and morph into silhouettes which have attacked the living. One lady told how she was ‘charged at by a transparent humanoid shape’.

It is speculated these lights are the spirits of all who have died at this river, including drownings, suicides and murder victims.

The grounds today act as a base camp for anglers hikers and those exploring the Pacific Rim. 

And, although fishing is now prohibited, the park does offer hiking, 23 camp spaces and over 2km of hiking trails just waiting to be explored.

Are you ready?

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