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The Cursed Merry-Go-Round | Candy Cane Park | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | Oregon | America | BoiCGH

Candy Cane Park is located in central La Grande, about 50 miles south east of Pendleton, Oregon and reportedly haunted by the ghost of a well loved local bar maid.

Nicknamed 'Hatchet Park' due to its dark past including a homicide using an axe. 

In 1983 a lady named Dana Lynn DuMars, who worked at a local tavern was violently killed here. 

The story is that Bart Cochran, a local man, had been drinking around the local bars and was kicked out after verbally threatening to 'cut off a womans head'.

As he stumbled home along the dark eery dirt roads, he spotted Dana, who was walking home after finishing her bar shift. He violently attacked her.

Some hours later her body was found, she was still breathing, seven large cuts across her neck. Bart had actually attempted decapitating her with an axe! Tragically she died of her injuries later that day. 

Foolishly, Bart confided in a friend at the bar, telling of his victim, and this evidence was used to lock him behind bars, however he only served 2 out of his 10 year sentence, shockingly winning his appeal of 'lack of identifying evidence'.

There have been hundreds of sightings of a ghostly woman on  the merry-go-round, and some have even said she throws people from the ride! So frequent were the reports that the city council had the merry go round removed in 2003.

Could this have been the restless spirit of Dana?

Dare you visit Candy Cane Park? Who are you most afraid of!? Danas spirit? Or Bart Cochran, who walks a free man this very day?

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