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The Harry Potter Ghost Encyclopaedia | Informational | Books | Supernatural | Entertainment

WARNING : SPOILER ALERT (if you are new to Harry Potter please come back AFTER you have read the books/watched the films).

Welcome to the Harry Potter Encyclopaedia...

Not all of these ghosts are scary, in fact some are downright loveable! There are hundreds of ghosts featured throughout the Harry Potter series, let's take a look at some. Whether your a wizard, witch or muggle fan, there's a little magic for everyone.

"DO NOT PITY THE DEAD HARRY. PITY THE LIVING, AND, ABOVE ALL, THOSE WHO LIVE WITHOUT LOVE". (Albus Dumbledore, excerpt from the book Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow - Chapter 35).


Played by Monty Pythons British comedian John Cleese, perhaps the most popular ghost of all the series, is Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington the fifteenth century noble and Royal Court wizard. Nick was introduced to Hogwarts at age eleven but sentenced to death after a spell went wrong. 45 axe hacks couldn't sever his head and he was sanctioned as a ghost to representing the House of Gryffindor. Nick is celebrated as being brave, caring and sacrificial.


Born to 1920s 'Muggle' parents. In the 1940s she began her term at Hogwarts Ravenclaw House. Myrtle was a lonely child, and often bullied and extremely unhappy. However, that all changed after her fatal glimpse into the Basilisk at the Chamber of Secrets, when she came face to face with Voldemort and was consigned to a 'bathroom' eternity. Myrtle transitioned from a sad and shy student to an eccentric and passionate ghost and has been described as 'often a pest, but endearing and helpful at times'. 


Known in life as Helena Ravenclaw, 'Keeper of the Diadem' and daughter of Rowena who founded the House of Ravenclaw in 993.  Helena was a passionate and ambitious witch who craved wisdom and recognition with a deep seated jealousy of her own mother which triggered a vengeful greed. Enough greed to steal the Diadem, believing it would grant her great and mystical powers. After her death she became known as The Grey Lady who haunts the Ravenclaw towers.


Fat, and a Friar. Born late tenth century and later joined Hogwarts Hufflepuff House. A lover of food with a penchant for being a joker. However, his raucousness would also be his downfall, as he became a 'person of suspect' and ironically 'pulling white rabbits from hats' sealed his fate when he was executed by clergy. 


Although you may not be aware of Peeves, he was there! These televised 'invisible force' scenes were played out by (the sadly late) British actor Rik Mayall perhaps making them even more endearing. Technically NOT a ghost as he never really died but a known to be a prankster poltergeist who came into existence during Hogwarts initial founding. All those books that fly from shelves, and cauldron calamities, unexplained forces causing papers to fly off desks, yes that was Peeves.

Peeves is said to be pretty uncontrollable, annoying and crude and was responsible for terrorising students and teachers throughout time. Although you never physically see him he is one of the most loved Potter forces. Some say he is only answerable to spirits from hell and that is why  the only person ever able to keep him in check was The Bloody Baron (see below). Peeves has been likened to 'a dry rot or severe plumbing issue which came with the building'. We can't help but think Argus Filch may have had something to do with the aforementioned quote.


The hot tempered and extremely dangerous ghost who was 'soaked in someone elses blood'. The Baron, born late nineteenth century, spent his life completely infatuated with Helena Ravenclaw yet his advances were constantly rejected.

One fateful night in an Albanian forest the Baron begs Helena to join him. It would be his last request and her final refusal. The Baron took her life, and then his own. He was subsequently sentenced to an eternity of penance drenched in Helenas blood as a Slytherin House ghost. 



Referenced in The Sorcerors Stone and The Prisoner of Azkaban, this elite group of ghosts refuse Nearly Headless Nick entry as they are perplexed that his head wasn't, well, fully beheaded. These guys are known to be intensely particular, and are more a 'nuisance' than a scare.


Featuring in The Sorcerors Stone this christmassy scene is where Hermione is headed to the Great Hall to bid farewell to Harry and Ron. The Victorian dressed carollers make their debut with their spooky seasonal presence. 


This entity showcased in the Gryffindor Great Hall manifesting before the students during the Great Feast. Brief, unnoticed by many, but noteworthy. As students returned to their dormitories a ghost walks straight through Dean Thomas, covering him in ectoplasm. 


Potters only 'teaching' ghost! This History of Magic professor fell asleep at his desk and never woke up! Upon his spirit recognising his fate, and crossing over into the spirit realm, he remained admirably calm and continued teaching regardless!

Whether they're haunting the halls of Hogwarts or causing mischief elsewhere, there's a ghost for everyone at Hogwarts. Who is your favourite?

Have you read them all?

From Slimer to Casper, Famous Ghosts From Movies and TV Shows | Inside  Edition

The Bloody Baron in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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