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The Pied Bull Hotel & Pub | England | paranormal | historical | idahaunts | boiCGH

The Pied Bull Hotel & Pub in the City of Chester, England is a beautiful original pub. Dating back to early 11th century and originally used as a coaching inn, is said to be the oldest licensed property in Chester.

Extremely popular with the locals for its hearty food and warm welcome, yet the pub has a much sinister side!

Let's find out why this pub is hailed as a major place of interest to local paranormal teams and enthusiasts alike.

Said to be haunted by the spirit of John Davies who, during early 17th century, tripped and fell down the cellars steps, landing on a sharp knife, tragically ending his life. 

Staff claim a few of the bedrooms are haunted by past chamber-maids and many guests have reported items either missing or having been moved about the rooms! Some guests have reported seeing apparitions of the maids wearing aprons and frilly bonnets.

Paranormal investigators believe that the cellar is the most haunted and active area within the pub, which would correlate with the past trauma down there.

One employee states "one night I went down into the cellar and was literally almost knocked off my feet, a gust of icy cold air which shot through the room was so powerful and severe!".

A married couple who stayed in Room 9 claim they have an unexplained person on some of their photographs!

Also many claim to have seen he spirit of John Davies himself sitting in the Residents Lounge area of the hotel actually reading a book! 

According to the history of the pub, back when the property was used as a coaching inn, one of the stable hands was sadly burned to death when he dropped an open flamed lantern onto a bale of hay and many believe his spirit haunts the area to this very day.

Why not come and visit The Pied Bull, keep your eyes peeled when checking in! You may just be lucky enough to spot Mr Davies reading a book!

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