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The Roman Dewa Medieval Experience | Chester | Paranormal | Historical | Haunting | United Kingdom

Situated in the heart of Chester, a city saturated in a rich and decadent history, is a much loved interactive re-enactment medieval museum namely The Dewa Experience.

The Dewa Experience has been hailed as one of Britains most actively haunted locations. If you want a glimpse of the paranomal, head on down to Chesters Roman Dewa Experience. 

In 1991 archeologists unearthed the original remains of a Roman fortress! The site was also later used as a war hospital to treat Roman and Celtic soldiers, hundreds died here and are believed to residually haunt the attraction today!

Staff who work at Dewa report witnessing phenomena such as an unexplained white floating mist which ascends the basement stairwells. Others claim to feeling a sense of fear and terror whilst in the basement, accompanied by a feeling of being watched.

Perhaps the most sinister and scary phenomena experienced here is the sounds of little children laughing and playing.

Some visitors claim to seeing 'extra' disturbing faces lurking and peering out from amongst the period era artefacts such as mannequins.

One couple, whilst viewing the old excavation site, say they froze as they heard loud footsteps running straight past them within the same room, yet they were alone!

Could this be the Roman soldiers stampeding through time as they residually protect their prized territories? Some claim they have witnessed the ghost of a chain link clad soldier believed to be of the civil war era as he still guards the fort from the supernatural realms.

With multiple reports of poltergeist activity in the museums Gift Shop, watching in amazement as items fly from shelves.

Would you be brave enough to visit The Dewa Roman Experience in Chester? If you are, be sure to share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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